The top 10 things we recommend before you buy Gun Safe

gun safes to look forFinding the right Gun Safe is sometimes a daunting task. Our goal of Safe is to answer your questions honestly and clearly, which is less common in all advertising of other resources.

If you look close to the industry, you will receive Safes which is not much above the slim metal box. On more research, you will find that it’s more than Safe, which is actually thought of. Look on the Internet and you will find many companies named Safe “Authorities”, they advertise about Safes and Valtals, many do not have brick and mortar stores and only online only sell . They will tell you what you say about buying Safe and ideas, but Safe is not a real business experience. Take a lot of time and you will notice that there is often controversial information

So, you might think that Safe’s home information is better than a list of other companies and opinion? Over the past 21 years, we have been providing the best security products for our customers, we supply the largest Safe manufacturer in the US and when “good, bad and low” is Safe, we have Customers are disturbed by all the false information, which has been informed of Safe and Vaultts. Some companies may say that “some security is better than some” and you are selling an affordable Safe that can be easily opened or the fire will not protect your precious things. We think it’s wrong and we do not think about selling our customers this way. Stop looking at reasons to invest in Safe, it’s a very simple but very important question: the content you want to protect is usually the most important and valuable.

It is said that we believe that Safe and security products are our responsibilities because we can cut off trendy and inaccurate information that is full of internet and to meet your needs only 1 is needed

Good Safe FAQ:

  1. What size should I buy?

The answer is simple, the bigger you think you need! The most common feedback from thousands of customers we had over the years is that they did not buy a fairly high dollar. Also, think about the value of the content you could put on in the next few years? In addition, it’s great when it comes to buying a !

  1. All Gun Safes are not created equally.

One of the most popular types of on the market today is Gun Safes. They come in different styles and sizes. Many are thin metal wardrobes without protection from fire or burglaries. The question is where to start by choosing a Gun Safe? First examine the construction, the thickness of the metal and the type of locking mechanism, followed by the classification of the fire. The pastry cabinets of the past were made of wood and glass and showed your weapons to everyone. Now in the world we live in good quality Gun Safe to protect your weapons and other valuables is a necessity. Do not rely on a cheap thin metal cabinet to protect your weapons. If you look around the industry, more low-end cabinets have a metal weapon body made from very thin 14 to 16 or even as thin as 20 steel counter A standard hammer and a large screwdriver can easily break into a thin metal cabinet. Quality Gun Safe must use at least 11 meter steel in the steel body and preferably 10 to 7 gauge.

Door construction is also very important. Search for a Gun Safe with at least ¼ “full steel flat or equivalent at the door. Safer use of Gun Safes have a steel plate 03.08 – 01.02 “at the door. Look for Gun Safes for Underwriter Laboratory flight prices for a Residential Security Container (RSC). Highest quality Gun Safes have higher B, U.L. TL-15 (Durable Tool) and U.L. TL-30 reviews. A note about this, there is a high quality of Gun Safes in the market that have no official UL rating above the CSR score but it is built on TL levels of protection, contact us for more details.

So what is the thickness of different metal meters?

  1. What is the best gun safe to protect my valuables?

We have many customers come to our disposal to provide a wide range of items, guns, baseball cards, money, important documents and other valuable items. For those clients we advise a well-developed compositions or BF Safe or higher.

We have the following business for the value of the content of the various levels of security that can offer the best gun safes. These values ​​are generally used for business purposes for insurance purposes, but are a good indication of various protection protection. Check your insurance company for specific restrictions

  • CSR Assessing 5,000 for a content – matching 5 minutes of attack, if this Safe has a TL rating, it could be a TL-5, note RSC ratings can be applied to Low-Ends that easily open Safe very safe that a better test could fit, but the manufacturers do not pay the cost to test them.
  • B-Rated Content up to 10,000 – 1/2 “flat door and 1/4” body
  • C Rated Up To 30,000 Content 1 inch of protection on the door and up to 1 1/2 inch on the body
  • U.L. TL-15 Content up to 200,000 – TL-15-value means, pickup, mechanical or portable power tools, grinders, drilling or printing equipment.
  • U.L. TL-30 content values ​​up to 375,000 -TL-30 means that the Safe port can pass the same test for 30 minutes. Note that this is not an attack on the sides or on the top.
  • U.L. TL-30X6 Content from 500,000 to 1,000,000 – 30 minutes attack on 6 sides of Safe
  • U.L. TRTL-30X6 Content of 1,000,000 and over – U L 30 minutes fire / tool attack on 6 pages from Safe

Note that these ratings are subjective, some of which say that they are rated TL are not listed and do not indicate the level of protection indicated by the records listed. How do you know? Get more information.

  1. If you need to use a hidden Safe or Safe wall?

Hidden Safes and Wall Safe are not usually a good place to save valuable items. The best protection of the Wall Safe is hidden. Just by designing a muscle Safe is offered on the chairs to the wall and can be easily or from the wall. The only fire protection they give is limited to the wallwall in the wall. When it comes to removing or moving Safe, most brokers go for a Safe or Safe and, if found, do not wait to get in. If you have items to keep a short period or just keep things from the children’s hands, then a Safe is a good choice, but keep your high quality and put it in good quality. .

  1. What kind of warmth is it?

Indexed from fires that are often ignored, but should be one of the main points. We recommend you buy for less than 1 hour 1 fire tickets. 1 will not provide adequate protection for a general life-threatening fire at home or at least 1 hour deeper depth. Why spend your on your weapons, weapons or other essential items during the fire? If you have a financial limit, choose 7 you can make the most secure fire protection

Most consumers who read it Gun Safe will defend their important papers. As a matter of fact, our recommendation is to find an URL. It’s 1 at US 1 hour or more, with a certified fire. If you think of investing in an important document or Gun Safe, a small U.L. Consider adding additional protection by investing at the rate or US. You can set up a validated fireplace for Gun Safe on your paper sheet and for more specific purposes.

Do not forget to close the door doors, door doors and let some kids do not hurt you to keep an important part of strong opposition. One of the most popular types of fire is the Pulsul brand fire stamp. It is 6 times in the fire and will secure the space between frames and full door.

  1. Do not rely on to protect you from a thief.

First of all, any company has its Safe “proof certification” call-up, a “brand new” consumer for Safe today’s market, which is a fire, which means they will refrain from heat and smoke (and some within a specific period, public protection from water from 30 to 150 minutes)

Warranty and smoke certification paper (and even if it is not fewer cash) is a great deal of protection, however, the strengthening of Safe’s metal- Very thin (14-18 caliber), use the build to facilitate overcoming a thief. Disorders, used in non-fiber, can easily be cut and can be cooled with hands. Some of the cheapest prices on the market a day can be opened just by placing them on a difficult one.

We do not recommend storing valuable materials such as silver, jewelery or large quantities of precious metals in a low-cost fire-resistant article. Over the last 22 years, we have access to many cheap fire-resistant customers that customers have been stopped for various reasons, our records are 30 seconds to open Safe with a very easy tool. The owners mistakenly thought that Safe would protect their valuables against a robbery attack, we easily broke these Safe. The best option is to see a high rated TL security Safe, for a thief, a fire Safe or a fire of good quality Safe which is rated Burglar, or for a material value greater than 10,000 . These Safes are designed to protect their valuables against engineer attacks and fires.

7. Know that data, media or family photos require more protection against fire.

The word fireproof is a very confusing statement, and many companies use it to describe their fire. So what should be the fire rating? It should be called “fire resistant” for a specific period. There is no evidence of fire. Customers come daily to our showroom and save Safe fire to protect important paperwork, money, images and other sensitive or sensitive items like data and media (photos, CD / DVD and disk / computer tape) Etc.) We are pleased to show the differences and options that will keep their valuables safe in the most efficient way. Most of these items are sensitive to heat, moisture and humidity, and the standard Safe standard fire resistance is not specifically designed to protect against these elements. The fire resistant Safe engineers are designed to protect the paper and maintain the internal temperature of Safe less than 350 degrees, which is the critical temperature where the paper will start four more. This method of protection makes the vapor (moisture) inside Safe. Any sensitive data or media will be severely damaged or destroyed between 120 and 180 degrees or 85% humidity. Think inside a car on a hot summer day,

If you have special data or media that requires fire protection, then you must purchase Safe data / media. These Safe will keep indoor temperatures below 135 degrees, as well as humidity below 85%. Most data and media do not offer theft of Safe theft. As an inexpensive option, you can buy a small UL. Classified fire lock box, which you can put inside a big fire inside Safe (Gun Safe) for your delicate goods, it protects the data / media without buying more data. expensive Is this a way to

The data and media include the following content:

• Hard disk, regular and portable

• CD and DVD

• Negatives and older photos

• Thumb drive / flash drive

• old cassettes

• USB memory drive

• Micro SD card

Note: Do not forget to buy a quality dehumidifier for protection against excess moisture in your Safe!

  1. What is the minimum degree of flammability to protect paper and silver?

Questionnaire: At what temperature does the paper burn? Answer 451 degrees. Executors generally, a game with a fire resistance of less than one hour does not provide adequate paper protection or money in case of fire. A typical house fire burns in the 800 to 1200 degree temperature range, if your games are close to the starting point of the fire, they would be subjected to higher temperatures than if they were in another part of the structure. It is best to be cautious and have a higher level of fire protection to protect your products. Fire resistance is guaranteed to protect paper documents against fire for a limited period of time, but is not recommended to protect large amounts of money or valuable items of theft. If you want fire and fire protection, look for a composite fire Safes.

  1. Its floor is a great security, but very little protection against fire

Its level of play provides great security if it is installed in the concrete-surrounded earth, but offers very low protection against fire. The floor offers excellent protection for valuable objects, due to the fact that his body of play is embedded in concrete on all five sides. The reason why they do not have a fire resistance is due to the exposure of the door without a fire plate to dissipate the heat. This leads to the destruction of the content in a short time.

If you need to protect your money or important documents, you are better off buying a composite fire, a fire, or a 900 security fire that has 1-2 hours of fire resistance and is anchored with multiple screws in a concrete floor. This is a much better option than the Safe floor.

  1. What kind of lock do I choose for my significance?

Many customers ask us what kind of lock is the best available for their identification., The dial lock is more secure than the electronic lock? Can an EMP incident make my electronic lock unavailable? What is a wide lock? What sort of safety is locked?

  • The dial of better quality and electronic locks is U.L. estimates and provides the best level of protection
  • Other electronic locks do not support the EMP, others do not. We recommend the S & G electronic lock mark for EMP-resistant single-lock installation.
  • Related locks give you the best of both worlds, it contains a mechanical and electronic lock of one, so if one fails, one will allow you to access the site.
  • Most manufacturers of mechanical locks suggest that your locks will be improved at least every 5 years by a qualified technician.
  • Electronic locks are factories covered and, when opened, the warranty is raised by the manufacturer. about the only maintenance is the battery replacement.

Why stop 10? Here are some more things to consider before your final decision is made.

  1. Where can I put my value?

In our experience, one of the most difficult decisions for customers is the idea of ​​where to put their location. If you do not have an alarming system in your home or business, then what you put in the “invisible, invisible mind” is very important.

We strongly recommend that you put your place where you can use it. A place you can not afford to maximize your use of the expected prices of the items you bought them at first. Another consideration is the light available to protect your lock if you enter your suit. Hash tags on a combination dial are small and may be difficult to find in the lower areas. If you need to know what you know in a lower light area or when you access the lock in the dark, the dialing lights that are at the top of the ring dial and turn on the dial to be You see the numbers and hash marks on the dial.

  1. What size do I have to buy? Better yet!

We know that this is # 1 in the list but that’s the first thing our customers say after buying one that is expected.

Which is larger than you think you need! The most popular information from the thousands of customers we’ve experienced for 21 years is that they have not purchased a much-needed one. Also, think about the value of the inside you can put in Safe in the coming years? Plus it’s great to get the one to expect!

  1. How do you determine the size of a location?

As we mentioned earlier, it is better to buy one that is greater than what you think is needed, with what you can say, how can I determine the area for a selected one? If you look at different brands of safes, you know that some sort out their expected outdated measures, others use indoor sizes and some use “cubic feet” or place for to determine this size, use simple mathematical formulas below.

Yes, you can use a calculator!

Doubling the length, breadth and depth of the site and change it to a total of 1728. Height x Width x Depth / 1728 (Example: 60 “x 30” x 24 “= 43,200 cubic inches / 1728 = 25 cubic feet)

  1. Do I need to tie my Safe?

Anchor is an effective way to protect your Safe. One of the easiest ways to hack into any pocket wallet is to take it to where it has time, and tools to get there. Even if you think your Safe is hidden, you should always bind it if it is discovered by a robber. Remember, caution and extra precautions help keep your things safe.

Most of them have anchor holes and are easily fixed in concrete. If you have a wooden floor, you know that the simple installation of a wooden anchor in your floor will not provide adequate protection, but one of the most effective ways to get a wooden floor. Punch holes in your floor. Pull the long threaded rod under the floor beams and take a long piece of 2 x 4 irons and corners and go through the beam on several floors and secure the threaded rod and unscrew the Safe. If you decide to move and take your Safe, simply remove the screws. If you have any questions about this process, we will be happy to help.

  1. Loose lips – your jewels are stolen!

Many thefts are due to the fact that someone from a family or business tells someone that they have Safe or something else that is Safe. It would be nice to talk about this new Safe you just bought, or what you have, but Loose Lips can steal your valuables. It is better not to speak openly about what you are protecting in your Safe to someone. Talking or making a phone call is easy to hear, and it can be passed on to a person you do not know and increase your chances of a break. But since you are in bed at night, you can dream of being big, Keep your things from expensive Safe, but wait until good news (if you bought a good Safe) when you wake up in the morning, the sun shines, the birds sing and your valuables are always there, in your Safe, protected.

  1. Security must be multi-layered

Even if you have high quality Safe, you should always know about other ways to protect yourself and your values. A good deterrent is high-quality signaling in everyday life or trade. Always know about your surroundings and lock your doors and write down unknown people in your neighborhood or near it. Do not let strangers in your house see your Safe or valuables when this is not necessary. Active outdoor lighting, activated by movement, will allow the intruder to spend time at home or in business. As a local police officer once said, criminals look like rats, they tend to dissipate when you turn on lights. Do not forget to be very careful and take extra precautions to protect your important items.

  1. The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the cheap price was forgotten.

Do not buy the most valuable items. Most of the time you place your most valuable and important items that you buy in Safe. Make sure that the Safe you bought is suitable for items that you save in Safe.

Please visit our website. If you are looking for more specific information in accordance with your needs, we recommend that you contact one of our specialists Safe.

The content of this document was developed through many years of experience, maintenance and repair of many types and brands of Safe s. During these years of customer support and consultations with other security professionals, we developed this list to provide general recommendations for our clients’ most frequently asked questions about . Each situation can be different and unique.