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Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe, Single Gun Capacity, QAP1BE Gun Safe

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We are now entering into the big leagues of the world of gun safes. SentrySafe earns not one but two spots in the top three because its products are just that good. They amalgamate all of the best aspects of gun safety and protections, thus helping them earn their status as pioneers and innovators in the best gun safe industry. This product is heads and shoulders above most of the competition, and is the best product that SentrySafe has to offer. You would hard pressed to find a single thing to complain about with this absolutely top notch gun safe!

The biometric scanner of this best gun safe is cutting edge, using the latest technology to prevent theft of any kind. Whereas other biometrically secured gun safes can be tricked using fingerprints, this product is meant for those looking for hardcore security that can never be breached. This is why you will always have a reliable experience when it comes to this company. The fingerprint scanner uses a variety of fool-proof procedures to prevent unwanted entry, and there is an alarm system to help you find out if anyone is trying to steal your guns as well which is certainly a useful feature. To top it all off, the fingerprint scanner is just part of this product’s security protocol. After swiping your finger you would be asked to input a code that you had set upon purchasing this product, and the amazing thing is that in spite of this dual layered security system accessing your gun when needed is going to be extremely easy.



With a high quality best gun safe, you do not just want your guns to be kept secure within its confines. No, you would want to be able to gain easy access to your firearm as well, and this is certainly possible with this product. The ejection system is well calibrated, allowing you to get your gun from within the safe with just one hand as long as you have programmed the security protocols accordingly. In spite of this easy access available to you, the security of this safe remains intact, which is truly an impressive feat. It should also be noted that the gun release is virtually silent, so you can get your gun in your hand without your assailant realizing the danger that he is in which can give you the element of surprise.

When you were told that this product amalgamated the best of the best in the gun safe industry, you were not being lied to. This product is not just durable, secure and easily accessible; it is conveniently portable as well. You can keep it by your side at all times if you feel like you might need to access your gun at a moment’s notice. Finding a product that has even some of the features that this gun safe has is difficult, but having all of these features at the same time is remarkable to say the least.

Nothing in this world is perfect, not even this monumental achievement of gun safe technology. All of the top-notch security features end up using quite a bit of juice, and battery technology is just not advanced enough yet to last very long with this much heavy usage. You are going to have to be careful about charging this gun safe because if the battery dies, which it might very well do in less than three weeks, you would not be able to access your gun until it is fully charged.

The only problem that this product seems to have is pretty insignificant when you think about the fact that it stems from the amazing benefits it offers. There are few – if any – products that offer this much security, especially when you consider the ridiculously easy access to your weapon that this product offers you. You can rest assured that if you buy this product, your money will have been well spent. This is a long-term gun storage solution, so in a way you are actually going to be saving money in the end.


  • Biometric finger scanner certified by California DoJ
  • Battery Operated
  • Compression gas strut to open door
  • Made of solid steel
  • Storage capacity for one gun