Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 Gun Safe

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Now that we have gotten the entry level product out of the way, number four on this list comes from the well respected company “Gunvault”. The SpeedVault SVB500 is the best gun safe for those that are willing to spend a little extra on security. Gunvault has a tradition of providing sleek products that can keep your guns safe from pretty much any kind of threat. This product is geared more towards gun aficionados rather than parents who want to keep their means of self defense away from children that might end up injuring themselves by playing with it.

A great feature of this product is the easy mounting facility that you are provided. This product can be bolted down to pretty much any surface with ease, and the strength of the bolts would ensure that no one would be able to take it down any time soon. This adds a lot to the convenience of this product because you would be able to place it in a safe location where you can access it during emergencies.



If you want some next level security on your gun safe, this product has just the thing for you. The biometric fingerprint scanner is pretty much unbeatable, allowing you to program the safe to only open if it gets your fingerprint. This is a lot safer than the locker style combination security systems that a lot of other products in the market tend to have, and it goes a long way towards justifying the selling price when you consider the fact that similarly priced items don’t have anything close to this level of security. An added bonus is that you can add dozens of fingerprints to the scanner’s memory, thus allowing multiple people to access the safe at your discretion.

When it comes to gun security, this safe is one of the very best. Once closed, the case would be practically impossible to open without using heavy-duty tools unless you provide the fingerprint. This durability is very impressive indeed, when you consider the fact that the interior is still quite soft and secure. Your gun is not going to get any damage while in this case, and the plush foam interior would help prevent moisture from harming your weapon as well. Essentially, while your gun is inside this gun safe, it is going to be as safe as it can possibly be.

If you are looking for the sort of gun safe that you can carry around with you, you would be disappointed to know that this is not it. It is too ungainly to be carried around. This is a product that is meant to provide a static safe in which you can store your gun when you are not using it, a place where you can store it securely. Hence, it is not suitable for people that need to have their gun on them at all times which takes a little away from the value of this product.

Another problem that you might face with this product comes from its weight. Whatever you bolt it to is going to have to be pretty solid, otherwise it would break and the gun safe would fall right off. This can be rather inconvenient because you would have to find a wall that is strong enough to support the weight of the safe, but it should be noted that this weight comes from the top-notch durability that this gun safe provides. All things considered, the heavy weight is more or less justified by the security offered.

This is definitely one of the best safes on the market for at home use. The lack of portability is certainly going to be an issue, but when you weight this against the fact that the level of security offered is so phenomenal this issue seems a lot less dire. Indeed, the security is so amazing that this product would have gotten a much higher place on this list if not for the portability issue. This gun safe is perfect for people who don’t need to carry their gun with them at all times. Can be very good as car safe or handgun safe.


  • Biometric finger scanner capable of holding up to 120 fingerprints
  • Easy to access drop down drawer
  • Made with 18 gauge steel
  • Lined with foam