Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe with 13.5 Inch Dean Safe Pistol Sock

handgun safe fort knox review

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And now we finally arrive at the pinnacle of gun safe technology. With a name like Fort Knox you would get the impression of impregnable security, and that is exactly what this product offers. The amazing thing is that, in spite of the fact that it is without a doubt the best gun safe that the market has to offer, it really isn’t that much more expensive than the market average. You would really have to nitpick in order to find anything wrong with this product; in fact, the result that you would be getting from it would be as close to flawless as possible.

Calling this product durable would be doing it a major disservice. This is not just a durable product: it is nearly impenetrable. The walls of this best gun safe are so strong that you can use it to protect yourself from bullets if you had the strength to wave it around like that! The material that the body is made of is a unique alloy that has been tempered in order to increase its hardness. This means that this is the most fireproof and waterproof product on the market, thus giving you all round protection for your arsenal.


When you think of security, you tend to associate it with biometric scanners and other technological innovations. This product has none of that, using a simpler combination lock instead. This might lead you to believe that it is an inferior product, but surprisingly it is even more effective than a biometric scanner could ever be. The complex locking mechanism is impossible to crack without a series of pass codes, and the added benefit of this is that the battery issue of the runner up in this list is avoided because this product does not need a battery in order to keep your belongings secure.

Because this product does not have a complex electronic security system, access to your weapons is as efficient as can be. You can get to your gun in mere seconds using just a single hand, far faster than would be possible with any other product on this list or anywhere else in the market.

The interior of this safe is lined with thick foam that keeps the gun firmly in place without applying any damaging pressure on it. This means that you can rest assured that once your gun has been placed inside the safe, it would not be knocked about or bump into the corners.

This product is big enough to store high caliber handguns and additionally has space to store magazines as well. This makes it the perfect functional solution for gun owners everywhere, because contained within this safe would be not just the weapon you would use to defend yourself but the ammunition that the weapon would require as well. Having everything in one place would mean you would never have to worry about self-defense in emergency situations ever again.

Even though this product is rather heavy, it is more portable than you would first assume. This is because it maximizes the space it uses up, thus making it fairly compact. You would have to strain a little while carrying it but that would be the only problem you would face.

There is one minor issue that we felt with this product, and this issue is that you would not be able to bolt it to the wall. The floor would be the only option if you want to bolt it down into one place.

Judging by the pros and cons, you have probably already surmised just what a great product you have here. It has so much going for it, and barely anything at all going against it. The one minor negative aspect of this product is so irrelevant that you might as well ignore, not to mention the fact that the numerous benefits make this one minor problem negligible. Another thing that should be mentioned is that you would be getting so much value at a very reasonable price indeed, thus rounding off why this product is so much better than other options the market has to offer.


  • Solid steel alloy construction
  • Gas strut assisted door for easy access
  • Made in the USA
  • Locking System with multiple pass codes
  • Lifetime warranty included